Designing a pavilion with waste material in Newyork​​


“The Mask” is all about gathering but not in the same way as people usually do. “The Mask” is about a tragedy, which is concealed behind the glitter of the new societies. It is a monument to evoke the spirit of nature. We believe that trees can be considered as Mother Nature; they have sheltered the earth and all animal species, purified the air and strengthened the ground for ages. Unfortunately, as days go on, people start to destroy these valuable sources of energy. Insofar as many forests are going to fade out in the next century. Thus, we chose recycled paper as the symbol of destructive effect of human activities on trees. The fact that the largest amount of waste is paper in New York City, is a confirmation for the earlier statement. “The Mask” is going to be constructed from about 400 masks that are connected by clamps in their junctions and makes it easy to be installed and unplugged (all different construction steps are shown in diagrams). 
All masks are shaped from a certain module, which not only make it easy to be assembled but also provides a range of possibilities in plan formation. In addition to that, the chosen module for the mask along with bamboos with different heights used as columns, enable the pavilion to accept any floating form (the presented sample is only one of the million conceivable patterns). “The Mask” could also be used for educating the public about arts in many ways by providing examples on different possible art works during the time that pavilion is taking
place .
It can differ from live music performances to digital light arts over the shelter at nights. It is feasible to hang different paintings from clamps or even place sculptures from those artists who are not able to represent their works in well-known galleries. Finally here is why we named the pavilion “The Mask”: during the last week of exhibition’s disassembling there can be an announcement inviting people to come over, choose a mask for themselves and paint on it in any way they like. On the last day of exhibition all the masks are going to be sold and the money will be used for charity work. It is also possible to pack all disassembled segments and rebuild them with a new plan in somewhere else. We hope this project will contribute to a movement towards preserving our non-renewable resources in the long run. Nature is all, let’s go back to it.