The big idea in this project is to study how architecture is influenced by the shift from smartphone to augmented reality. This project aims to encourage people to interact in person instead of virtual in one multi-functional tower.


A brief look at the history shows how the scale of interaction and the screen seen by the user has changed from central courtyards to TV to the smartphone but future is about endless opportunities to maximize this screen. 

The first proposed architectural move was about sharing the living space in residential units or the concept of “WE LIVE”. The second move was to present more detailed information from the environment to inform users about the changes in these shared spaces. And finally the third scenario was to create a memory log for the tower where everyone can share their experience in space like Instagram but in 3d. 


To answer to all the proposed ideas, I needed a geometry full of cavities that can create different scales of interactions with different perspectives that create different spatial experience and memories for users. I decided to have a bottom-up approach to define my geometry by scripting a storyline called: “walkers navigating in a noisy flow field”. This script was developed to create different scales in space and avoid repetition both in plan and section with a sense of organic integration through intricate correlations.