For a moment, imagine houses as a sphere suspended in the atmosphere so it can clearly be sighted from each point and that will make it bold. As someone care about their appearance, noticing how their houses are sighted is so important. In other words, as soon as you start thinking about it, you are establishing a movement to achieve self-organization. Now, Modern Technologies are shaping the interactions among the components of any kind of systems, but virtual interactions could spoil the ability of being life-giving. Thus houses have to be designed by considering the interactions among individuals, the nature and other creatures.  Namely, to give our cities the capability of Adaptation, we have to prepare them for accepting changes through the time.  Our idea illustrates a house as a single 3d component in the space, so every family can design their own house, furnish it and put it wherever they want.  We have practically created giant columns able to carry the weight of the houses. Their circulation around a yard will causes applied interactions. The curves drew by columns on the land would embrace the nature. They start their evolution from a main square and the evolution depends on the components placed on its way .In addition this pattern of aggregation may enfolds the nature as it is.   The parametric pattern we have designed could lead us to proper conservation of energy by accurate site analysis. The giant columns are able to be moved to another site and also their size can be changed. Consequently we aimed to provide a friendly design where individuals can chose their neighbours themselves.


      Nowadays, we are dealing with various critical issues in any big city all around the world. Approximately most of the cities are losing their ability of being life-giving expected to be the most effective prescription using to heal different wounds. In fact, to rescue a dead city from critical issues, a high cost has to be paid, But a live city is dynamic and deals with its own problems with no cost. To a great extent, the ability of being life-giving derives from the movement of all components such as people, networks, buildings, etc., and is the result of a continuous evolution.    The term “continuous evolution” emerges from Adaptation on one hand and the interaction among self-organized components on the other, so as a matter of fact a system such as a city can be self-organized when each component finds its own place where it seems more effective. Therefore self- analyzing components are now needed and that is why we all respect the nature, the source of messages that inspire us to make ourselves bring non-linearity to our house design.