The term “Connection” is derived from a scenery in front of the faculty of arts at Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran. There was an empty space which was a communication node chosen for designing a parametric canopy. A weeping willow and a pine were the main elements of the design, and the invisible coherence between the trees was the main concept. This connection emerges through the flow of points moving from one element to another. This flow, actually, feels the essence of a human, being distracted through its journey. In other words, there were three major sets of points: a starting point, a seeking point, and an avoiding point.

The form of weeping willow was more similar to a vertical curve, while the pine was more similar to horizontal one. Defining a set of points located on a curve flowing through space was the first step. These points try to seek a single point while avoiding others, and to a great degree, creating such an algorithm could help me to illustrate my demands for this project.
A loop was defined in order to find the proper points in space. Curves emerged from the flow of points in space and they created a surface ready for construction. 
While the curves were not planar, the construction with ribs could not be a good answer. The curves should be divided into smaller parts and be connected to each other with connectors.