“Sprawl Catchers” are generated along Houston’s highways from three main levels of city interaction. Their location is the result of multiple urban transport speeds. These towers act as highway and street speed tracers and get implanted in strategic areas within the city transport infrastructure, where car/bus/train speed and daily traffic get interpolated forming an optimum exit spot or ‘tower-seed’. The tower core is part of a fluid communication system with the city’s highways, speculating both with current and future transport systems that have the ability to deploy city dwellers at various levels above ground, as well as in between towers. Moreover, multiple points of entry and communication between towers and with the city’s transport system replace the exclusive access to the vertical typologies through ground floor lobby access. Elevators now serve as streets, feeding units in a similar way single houses and multiple housing units open directly from the sidewalk to the interior or through shared entrance patios to each unit’s doorstep.